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Social Media Magic

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Independent Players

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Commercial and Streaming Heroes

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Our Services
01 Feature film VFX

We will add explosiveness to your next feature film, whether it’s character creation or concept art, motion graphics, rendering or pitching concepts to picturise ideas on screen. We’ve built our brand on innovation and creativity.

02 Social Media Magic

always Wanted to punch up your reels, TikToks, Facebook videos or YouTube content with some eye-popping effects? We’re happy to take care of that too! We do beauty work, digital make-up, reflection removal, face and body retouches and can add any effects that your heart desires.

03 Independent Players

This is for those independently bootstrapping or freelancing within the live action and animation film industry, we promise the care and attention to detail your entrepreneurial passion project deserves. Whether you’re an event planner looking for a virtual festival that your audience can stream or just simply looking for the most fab wedding video, we do it all.

04 Super VFX Studios

This is for the juggernauts and heavyweights in the studio system. When you want the awesomest effects for your next blockbuster, we’re here for you with services that range from pre-production, production and post-production. Our solutions are comprehensive and wide ranging.

05 Commercial and Streaming Heroes

If you want visual effects for any format, from Ad Films to TV Serials to OTT Platforms, we’ve got you covered! You’ll get the most amazing commercials, sizzling music promos and the most eye-catching graphics to amp up the production value on your feature with our services.

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